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Crude Oil, Ethanol, Gasoline, RBOB Gasoline (Reformulated Gasoline Blendstock for Oxygen Blending) Home Heating Oil, Natural Gas, Propane.

Precious Metals

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Commodities Trading is always fast & furious on Wall Street and the investment in the tech sector has really heated up as well.

Since the Internet became popular at the consumer level back in the mid 1990s, Many have looked for reliable, stable, active, solid and rapid connecting hosted platform locations around the Globe to host their web sites, offer online file storage available by ftp or http and various online material or data transfer needs. 

The number of providers with hosting space available is probably up to almost as high as the number of customers looking for a host for their content and the types, capabilities and capacities and of these web host has kept up with and in some cases even created a surplus of product or hosting space on the market which may be underutilized thus not providing a significant return on investment for their investors.

This site is all about bringing those with unused hosting capability or capacity together with consumers looking to utilize their services. Hosting Providers may sell or trade hosted space with other providers to strengthen your own networks, utilize mirror servers, particle data based or cloud hosting and file storage type capabilities as well. We look forward to featuring all types of hosting products from the simple single site host all the way up to dedicated multi server contracts with dedicated high speed access connections and allow them an environment for free and open trading just as found on the open commodities markets.

Hosting Has Become A Commodity Of The Modern Generation!

All price points are welcome to trade at the Hosting Trade Cntr. from $1.00 site hosting all the way to $3000.00 Dollar Per Month Redundant Engineered, High Reliability Host Or Even Big Budget Server Farm/ Data Centers. It is not uncommon for our Hosting Brokers to even run across hosting deals for under the $1.00 price point. The Host Trade Center is all about bringing buyer and seller together or even acquainting those wishing to trade for various reasons.

If you are heavy on available space and server capability, The Host Trade Center might be just the solution to utilize some of these resources.

All grade of consumers and hosting providers are welcome from the end retail hosting purchaser to large data block sellers and even Value Added Resellers which has become a really heated market in recent months.

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